ClimeCo International contributes to sustainable development in multiple ways. We love what we do and are proud that we are able to contribute to saving the planet one project at a time.

ClimeCo International 's' projects are designed to produce

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No Direct or Indirect Crowding-Out

Our projects utilize and convert only waste streams that are not suitable for human or animal consumption. Prior to and without our projects these materials are either discharged to local rivers or deposited at local landfills. As a consequence our projects create no direct or indirect crowding-out effects.

Circular Economy

Finally, our projects create a closed loop of waste-materials as resources in the form of renewable energy and organic fertilizer, thereby fostering the transition to a circular economy..

Triple Bottom Line

Thereby our projects demonstrate that renewable energy production in emerging markets can be an excellent commercial investment that benefits the environment in a significant way and empowers local stakeholders.