Turn-key, Industrial-Grade Plants for Agro-industrial Organic Waste

ClimeCo International (CCI) develops and builds turn-key BioGas production plants for agro-industrial wastes and waste waters.

CCI's BioGas plants can process waste water with an organic loading (Chemical Oxygen Demand/COD) of up to 135,000mg/L.

Highest BioGas Yield in the Palm Oil Industry: 28m3 per tFFB and 75% reduction in size

CCI's A+ BioGas reactors offer the highest BioGas yield in the palm oil industry, generating on average 28m3 of BioGas per ton of fresh palm oil fruit bunch (tFFB), around 30% more than the competition.

The superior efficiency of our Biogas technology allows us to reduce the size of our BioGas plants by 75% compared to the competition, saving surface area and investment cost for our customers.

Lowest Production Cost per m3 of BioGas

This superior BioGas yield, in combination with low O&M cost results in the lowest production cost per m3 of BioGas in the palm oil industry.

Highly Profitable Projects with Minimum Payback Times

CCI's BioGas plants are highly profitable business cases (typical payback 4 to 6 years, IRR over 15%) through 5 main revenue streams, generated at competitively low cost:

Entire Body Built in Steel or Steel-Enforced Coated Concrete - Useful Life of 25+ Years

The robust & rugged construction of the entire reactor body in steel or steel-enforced results in a useful technical life of over 25 years, leading the BioGas industry in Latin America.

Proprietary Technology under Exclusive License

CCI offers the A+ BioGas technology under exclusice licence in all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Modular Design

Due to their modular design CCI's plants can work with waste water volumes from 200m3 per day to 1000s of m3 per day. Typical ranges are:

From Conceptual Design to Operations & Maintenance - Truly Turn-Key EPCM

CCI offers a truly turn-key product to agro-industrial producers. We begin with a pre-feasibility study with several site vists, followed by a full feasibility study and a conceptual design. The following detailed design is the basis for our comprehensive construction and quality management that delivers a high-quality, industrial grade installation that will perform its tasks for over 25 years. After commissioning we start-up the plant and perform O&M for at least the first year, training local O&M teams in the meantime.Finally, we hand over the plant to local staff and continue to monitor the plant's performance remotely and through yearly inspections.