From BioGas to BioMethane to BioCNG - 50% Fuel Cost Savings

ClimeCo International (CCI) offers integrated, membrane-based, containerized BioGas Upgrading plants to

BioMethane can replace fossil Natural Gas in industrial processes and Natural Gas pipelines.

BioCNG is a standardized renewable BioFuel that replaces fossil fuels & diesel in vehicles (cars, trucks, etc) & machinery (tractors, loaders, fork-lifts, irrigation pumps, etc.). In typical captive fleets BioCNG can reduce the fuel cost per km by 50%.

Lowest Cost per m3 BioCNG | 8,500 hours per year | No Chemicals, No Water - Market Leader in Europe

Our proprietary membrane-based technology reduces the production cost per m3 BioCNG by more than 50% compared to the previously leading technologies (chemical/amine scrubbing, water scrubbing, Pressure Swing Adsorption). Additionally, our membrane-based system does not consume any water and requires no chemicals and typically operates 8,500 hours per year at full capacity.

Due to its low cost, chemical-free and water-free operation this membrane-based technology has been the market leader in the BioGas market in Europe since the second year of its introduction in 2011.

Containerized, Integrated, Plug-and-Play System

CCI's BioGas upgrading plants are delivered on site in

Modular Design

Each standard 40-foot container processes up to 200m3 of BioGas per hour to produce 114m3 of BioMethane. IN a second 20 foot container this BioMethane can be compressed to 144kg (320 pounds) of BioCNG per hour at 200bars of pressure.

This modular design allows an unlimited number of systems to be installed in parallel: Our largest system currently upgrades 1,000m3 of BioGas per hour in five parallel units.

Membranes Guaranteed for 10 Years

Following an initial guarantee period of 3 years at the time of market launch, our membranes are now guaranteed for 10 years, providing extra security to our customers.

Proprietary Technology under Exclusive License

CCI has an exclusive license for Latin America and the Caribbean to this best available BioGas Upgrading technology.

Sustainable Development: Circular Economy, Replacement of Fossil Fuels and GHG Reductions

BioCNG enables agro-industrial producers to convert their own waste into renewable fuel, replacing the use of fossil fules and substantially reducing GHG emissions.