ClimeCo International (CCI) offers three advanced BioGas technologies from Europe & Asia in Latin America:

A+AD BioGas Production: 28m3 of BioGas per tFFB

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a fermentation process where bacteria consume organic matter (e.g. palm oil effluent, food waste, animal manure, etc.) in the absence of oxygen.

In the AD process, bacteria emit BioGas - a mixture of Methane/Natural Gas (CH4) & Carbon Dioxide (CO2) - as a byproduct.

Due to its high content of Methane/Natural Gas, Biogas is a combustible gas with an energy content of appr. 6 kWh per m3.

CCI's A+AD technology is the most efficient form anaerobic digestion in the palm industry, with a production of 28m3 of BioGas per ton of fresh fruit bunch (tFFB) of palm. For more information click here.

BioGas-to-Power with Best Available BioGas Engines: 43% electrical efficiency | 8,300 FLH per year | 72 kWhe/tFFB

CCI's advanced BioGas production technology permits the use of the most efficient BioGas engines on the market with a minimum of maintenance. These combined heat and power internal combustion engines (ICEs) achieve an electrical efficiency of 43% (800 kWe engine) to 50% (10 MWe engine).

With CCI's integrated combination of technologies (A+AD BioGas production + BioGas filter + BioGas engines), palm oil mills can produce on average 72 kWhe per tFFB .

The consistently high quality of BioGas generated in CCI's A+AD BioGas plants allows these high-performance engines to be operated with a minimum of maintenance, resulting in a continuous operation of up to 8,300 full load hours per year. For more information click here.

Membrane-based BioGas Upgrading: 50% cost redution per m3

BioGas Upgrading converts BioGas to BioMethane, the renewable form of Natural Gas, through the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2).

CCI is the first company to offer the most advanced technology for the membrane-based production of BioMethane in Latin America.

Developed in Europe, our BioGas Upgrading technology removes carbon dioxide (CO2) through membranes, eliminating the use of chemicals and water from previous technologies (such as PSA and chemica/amine washing). The result is BioMethane with 92% to 99% purity.

CCI's membrane-based BioGas Upgrading technology reduces the operating cost per m3 by 50% in BioGas plants with a production of less than 1,000m3 per hour, compared to PSA and amine washing. For more information please click here.

Additional information about palm oil mill waste water (POME), BioGas production, BioGas-to-Power & BioGas Upgrading is available in our CCI White Paper for FEDEPALMA which can be downloaded in Spanish language here.