ClimeCo International's (CCI) projects are based on Advanced+ Anaerobic Digestion (A+AD) of organic waste streams to produce BioGas.

BioGas is the main product of Anaerobic Digestion (AD). It is an energy-rich (6kWh per m3) combustible gas mixture of primarily

Anaerobic Digestion is a (naturally occuring) fermentation process in which

The bio-chemical AD process runs through several serial stages (Hydrolysis + Acidogenesis + Acetogenesis + Methanogenesis) to convert organic matter into BioGas. Each process stage is performed by different bacteria. More details (external link).

Optimizing Anaerobic Digestion therefore critically requires a suitable environment for the digesting bacteria

ClimeCo International's A+AD BioGas Production Technology: 28m3 of BioGas per TFF

Based on these parameters CCI's have developed the Advanced+ Anaerobic Digestion (A+AD) technology in optimized BioGas reactors:

This ideal environment leads to an industry-leading production of 28m3 of BioGas per ton of fresh palm oil fruit (TFF).

Entire Body Built in Steel or Steel-Enforced Coated Concrete - Useful Life of 25 Over Years

The robust & rugged construction of the entire digester body in steel or steel-enforced, coated concrete ensures a strong resilience against internal & external forces and therefore useful technical life of over 25 years.

CCI's plants thereby offer the longest continuous useful technical life (over 25 years) for BioGas plants in Latin America.

Proven Technology for over 40 Years

Anaerobic digestion is a proven technology that has been operated with huge commercial success in Europe & SE Asia for over 40 years. Germany alone operates

Following a strong growth since 2009, Europe now operates more than 17,000 commercial BioGas plants (capacity>500 kWe).