Upgrading Biogas to BioMethane and BioCNG

ClimeCo International can convert BioGas to BioMethane (BioCH4) as well as Compressed Natural Gas/BioCNG. Our proprietary membrane-based technology removes Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and trace gases from the raw BioGas to reach over 90% (single stage) or 99% (3-stage) pure methane (CH4).

The resulting BioMethane is then compressed and stored at 200 bars (2,900 psi) of pressure to less than 1% of its volume under standard atmospheric pressure. This compressed gas, called BioCNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is a widely used BioFuel, especially in captive fleets (e.g. taxis in Buenos Aires/Argentina or Bogota/Colombia).


Applications of BioCNG

BioCNG is a standardized BioFuel that can be used in


Best Available Biogas Upgrading Technology - 50% Less Cost per m3

CCI uses a proprietary European, membrane-based, BioGas Upgrading technology to convert BioGas to BioCNG. This technology has become the market leader in Europe due to the fact that it


Exclusive License for Latin America & the Caribbean

CCI has an exclusive license to this proprietary membrane-based BioGas Upgrading technology for Latin America & the Caribbean.