ClimeCo International (CCI) develops renewable energy projects based on BioGas through anaerobic digestion (i.e. fermentation) of agro-industrial residue, primarily palm oil mill effluent (POME), sugar mill waste water & alcohol distillery effluent.

In our high-tech industrial reactors, bacteria convert organic matter into BioGas, a combustible mixture of mainly CH4 (natural gas) & CO2 (carbon dioxide) with a total energy content of 6kWh/m3. BioGas is an excellent source of baseload renewable energy & BioFuels.

Best BioGas Technologies in LatAm

Industrial Quality @ Low Cost/kWh

Converting Residues to Resources

CCI offers the best available agro-industrial BioGas technologies from Europe & SE Asia in Latin America.

Our proprietary BioGas process operates in

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We design and build BioGas systems in industrial-grade quality with

This results in the industry-wide lowest cost per kWhe and a useful life of over 25 years.

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CCI enables agro-industrial producers (e.g. palm oil mills, sugar mills, alcohol distilleries) to convert their organic residues to valuable resources, primarily

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