In-house development, engineering & operations of advanced BioGas projects in Latin America is ClimeCo International's core business. Beyond this core business, CCI's mission is the promotion of BioGas as a key technology to convert agro-industrial waste into renewable energies and combat climate change in the process. As a consequence, CCI offers BioGas-related trainings to existing & prospective project owners, managers & operators.


Modern BioGas production & BioGas Upgrading plants are sophisticated & often complex technical installations. These installations require well trained & educated operators in order to perform safely and at continuously high levels. CCI's team of highly skilled experts combines long term operational experience with detailed engineering know-how and excellent training capabilities. CCI's trainings & classes are indivually designed and tailored to the abilities and requirements of the participants.


CCI's experts combine long term experience in BioGas-related projects with excellent technical & operational expertise. The combination of international know-how with extensive experience in Latin America uniquely qualifies our experts to advance our customer's understanding & comprehension of BioGas and the conversion of agro-industrial waste into renewable energy. CCI's workshops are individually designed to our customers' requirements and offered in various formats.

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