In this section ClimeCo International provides up-to-date news about its latest achievements & developments.

CCI Website: Modernized & expanded functionality (January 2020)

With the beginning of the new year and the new decade ClimeCo International has modernized its English website and expanded the functionality and service offerings at the same time.

The new sections include BioGas Components, Trainings & Workshops as well as Publications, Carbon Offsets & Organic Fertilizers.

With this latest update CCI also starts a new multi-media approach, offering our first video about our BioGas production technology.

The modernized design as well as the expanded functionality will be extended to our Spanish language website shortly.

Strategic Cooperation: Colombia Investment Fund (December 2019)

ClimeCo International is proud to announce the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with a renewable energy investment fund in Colombia. This new cooperation enables CCI to expand its financing offerings in Colombia and better serve its customers in this strategically important market.

Details about the new cooperation as well as specific offerings will be announced shortly.

CCI Website: Now also available in Spanish (January 2019)

In order to better serve our customers in Latin America, ClimeCo International now also offers all information in Spanish. The Spanish version can be accessed via the Spanish flag at he top of the screen or here.

Pre-feasibility: CCI completes study for largest POME BioGas project in Latin America (October 2018)

After four months of intense work with the customer, the investors as well as local, regional & international suppliers CCI successfully completed the pre-fesaibility study for the largest BioGas project in the palm oil industry in Latin America.

More details.

Pre-feasibility: CCI contracted for BioGas study in Latin America (April 2018)

In preparation of the implementation of one of the largest BioGas-to-power projects (6 MWe) in the Americas, ClimeCo International has been contracted to perform the pre-feasibility study for the project. A final result of the analysis is expected in Q3 2018.

Public tender: CCI wins major BioGas project in Latin America (March 2017)

ClimeCo International has been selected by one of the largest palm oil mill groups in the Americas to develop a 6MWe BioGas-to-Power project. Financing for the project is currently under way.

If you are interested in more details about this project please contact us here.

CCI's BioGas Upgrading technology: Now guaranteed for 10 years (June 2016)

ClimeCo International is the only company in the Americas to offer a maintenance-free, membrane-based BioGas Upgrading technology (more details) to convert raw BioGas into BioMethane & Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Following an initial guarantee period of 3 years, CCI now guarantees the performance of the membranes for 10 years.

FEDEPALMA: Markus Althausen speaks at international conference in Cartagena (October 2015)

Every two years the Colombian National Federation of Oil Palm Growers – FEDEPALMA – hosts the "International Oil Palm Conference" in Cartagena, Colombia. This event is the largest palm oil conference in the Americas, bringing together producers, experts and officials from Latin America and around the world. For the 2015 conference FEDEPALMA invited Markus Althausen, CEO of ClimeCo International, as a conference speaker on the topic of "Conversion of palm oil mill effluent (POME) from a waste product to a resource"

Latest CCI BioGas reactor technology goes online (August 2015)

After 3 years of research & development CCI's local partner in Malaysia completed the startup of the first BioGas plant equiped with CCI's latest generation of reactor design, the A+ Combined Hybrid Concentration Reactor (A+CHCR). A+CHCR combines the liquid & solid waste streams of palm oil mills (POME, filter cake & solid seperation waste) in one multi-chamber hybrid reactor. Wtih 48m3 of BioGas per m3 POME the new reactor achieves the highest BioGas yield in the market. The A+CHCR is built above ground, reducing construction time to 12 months. The new plant is located near Kuala Lumpur airport and can be visited.

For more information about our technology please contact us.

Strategic co-operation: CCI & GA Expertise (March 2015)

GA Expertise is the leading palm oil engineering company in Central America. Since 1982 GA Expertise has been serving the palm oil sector with excellent engineering services as well as high quality products & components. ClimeCo International & GA Expertise will co-operate strategically to bring the best available POME treatment & BioGas technologies to palm oil mills in the Region.

CCI already cooperates with Swiss company CONNEXIS in the development of ESG & CSR management systems, with Austrian company ATMOVE in the development of BioCNG mobility in Brazil and with the University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences, Vienna.