BioGas Production Reference Plant: 3.5 MWe & 7,500 Full Load Hours per Year Since 2005

ClimeCo International's reference plant for BioGas production is located in Southern Thailand.

  • It processes 750m3 of palm oil mill effluent per day to produce 11MM m3 of raw BioGas per year
  • BioGas engines convert the raw BioGas into 26MM kilowatt hours electric (kWhe) per year with a power of over 3.5MWe
  • Since 2007 the plant has averaged over 7,500 full load hours (FLH) per year and continues to produce 115% of initial estimates

The plant is visited by potential customers several times every year.

BioGas Production Plants Total: 13 BioGas Plants at Palm Oil Mills | 35 MWe combined

CCI's technology has been installed at 13 palm oil mills & 1 tapioca starch factory in SE Asia with a total capacity of over 35MWe.

  • In 2015 CCI's local partner in Malaysia completed construction of our latest reactor technology at a palm oil mill near KL, Malaysia.
  • Based on this latest design 3 additional BioGas plants are under construction at palm oil mills in Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia.
  • These new sites will bring the total number of BioGas plants with CCI's technology to 17 by the end of 2020.
BioGas Upgrading Reference Plant: 200m3/h, over 8,000 h/yr

CCI's reference plant for membrane-based BioGas Upgrading to BioMethane & BioCNG is located close to Vienna, Austria in Central Europe. The plant processes 200m3 of cleaned BioGas per hour to produce 90kg of BioCNG per hour, corresponding to around 110 liters of Diesel-equivalent. Since 2011 the plant has operated over 8,000 hours per year on average.

BioGas Upgrading Plants Total: Over 150 Plants in Europe

Since its introduction into the European market CCI's membrane-based BioGas Upgrading technology has been installed at over 150 BioGas plants across Europe.

Advisory Projects: 19 Major Studies

CCI started in 2009 as a consulting company in the fields of GHG Emissions Reductions, Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas-to-Power. In the past ten years we have performed 19 major consulting & advisory projects for commercial project developers & owners, governments as well as strategic & financial investors in Europe, Latin America, Asia & Africa.

For a detailed list and descriptions of our advisory projects please click here.