As an alternative to the production of electrical power ClimeCo International (CCI) offers BioGas Upgrading plants that convert BioGas to BioMethane and BioCNG (Compressed Natural Gas) as a BioFuel.

BioGas as a BioFuel: 50% Savings, 2yr Payback

With CCI's BioGas Upgrading Plants agro-industrial producers can generate BioCNG at a cost of less than 50% per liter compared to standard diesel prices. As a consequence the simple payback of BioGas Upgrading plants is around 2 years.

Waste to Ressource: POME to BioGas to BioFuel

CCI converts POME to BioGas, a mixture of 60% CH4 (methane/Natural Gas) & 35% CO2. CCI's Upgrading removes CO2 from the Biogas, producing pure BioMethane. Compressed to 200 bars, BioMethane becomes BioCNG, a standard BioFuel.

Membrane Technology: 99% Efficiency, No Chemicals

CCI's BioGas Upgrading Plants apply the leading European membrane-based technology. The membrane-based upgrading systems achieve up to 99% CO2 removal and require no chemical additives or water.

Membrane Performance: Guaranteed for 10 Years

The European membrane manufacturer guarantees their performance for 10 years. After 10 years only the membranes have to be replaced for a new cycle of 10 years.

Lowest Cost per m3 BioCNG: 50% Savings

The membrane-based technology reduces the cost of upgrading by 50% compared to traditional systems (chemical scrubbing, pressure swing adsorption, etc). CCI is the first company to introduce this European market leader in Latin America.

Minimum Maintenance: 8,500 FLH per year

CCI's BioGas Upgrading Plants require only minimal maintenance of one compressor oil change per year. This results in 8,500 full load hours (FLH) per year on average, ensuring a continuous 24/7 supply of BioFuel throughout the year.

Containerized System: Truly Plug & Play

CCI's BioGas Upgrading plants are designed, built & delivered in standard 40 foot containers. Following a simple installation process, the system is directly connected to the BioGas pipeline to begin continuous operation.

Modular Design: 200m3/h to 1,000s of m3/h

Each standard 40-foot container processes 200m3/h of BioGas to produce 114m3/h of BioMethane. This modular design allows an unlimited number of systems to be installed in parallel: CCI's largest system upgrades 1,000m3/h of BioGas in 5 parallel units.

Proprietary Technology under Exclusive License

CCI offers the BioGas Upgrading technology under exclusice licence in all of Latin America and the Caribbean.