ClimeCo International (CCI) develops & builds turn-key BioGas production plants for agro-industrial waste & waste waters. In addition to large volumes of high-quality BioGas, CCI's plants generate a continuous flow of organic fertilizer as well as large amounts of carbon offsets.

Best-in-class BioGas Yield: 28m3/TFF

CCI's A+ BioGas reactors offer the highest BioGas yield in the palm oil industry, generating on average 28m3 of BioGas per ton of fresh fruit (TFF), around 30% to 50% more than the typical production rate of 16-19m3/TFF by the competition.    Read More

Lowest BioGas Production Cost: USD 0.04/m3

CCI combines this superior BioGas yield with very low O&M cost for its A+ BioGas plants. As a result, CCI can produce BioGas at a long term average cost of under USD 0.04/m3, the lowest cost per m3 of BioGas in the palm oil industry in Latin America.

Highly Profitable Projects: IRR of 18% to 25%

The combination of CCI's best-in-class BioGas yield and lowest BioGas production cost results in highly profitable projects that generate Internal Rates of Return (IRR) of over 18% with electrical power production and up to 25% with BioCNG production.

Short Payback Times: 3-6 years

CCI's superior BioGas yield combined with low BioGas production cost also enables very short simple payback times of only 3-4 years with BioCNG and 5-6 years with electrical power production.

Modular Design: 200m3 to 1,500m3 per day

CCI's Biogas production plants are designed in a modular form, allowing waste water volumes from 200m3 per day to over 1,500m3 per day.

The modular design also saves engineering & construction cost.

Typical Mill Sizes: 20 TFF | 30TFF | 60 TFF

Typical palm oil mills in LAC process between 20 and 60 TFF/h:

20 TFF Mill | BioGas: 2.8MM m3/y; Power:   7MM kWhe @1MWe

30 TFF Mill | BioGas: 4.2MM m3/y; Power: 11MM kWhe @1.5MWe

60 TFF Mill | BioGas: 8.4MM m3/y; Power: 14MM kWhe @2MWe

Truly Turn-Key: From initial assessment to full O&M

CCI offers a truly turn-key product to agro-industrial producers, from initial assessment through pre-feasiblity & feasibility studies to engineering, procurement, construction management, project start-up & long-term operations.

Built in Steel or Concrete: Useful Life 25+ Years

The body of CCI's A+ BioGas reactors are built in steel or steel-enforced concrete. This robust & rugged design & construction results in a useful technical life of over 25 years, leading the BioGas industry in Latin America.

Proprietary Technology under Exclusive License

CCI offers the A+ BioGas technology under exclusive licence from our technology partners for all of Latin America & the Caribbean (LAC).