ClimeCo International develops renewable energy projects based on BioGas, generated through Advanced+ Anaerobic Digestion of organic waste from agro-industrial production plants in LatAm. With 28m3 of BioGas per TFF we offer the best available technology in the Region.

CCI's A+ BioGas Production plants produce

  • BioGas as a source of renewable energy: 28m3/TFF

  • Organic Fertilizer to replace 30% synthetics (read more)

  • Carbon Offsets on the basis of CH4 avoidance (read more)

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Raw Materials: Organic Waste Streams from Agro-Industries

Our primary raw materials are the liquid & solid organic waste streams of agro-industrial producers, such as

  • Palm oil mills & distilleries (high temperature waste water)
  • Starch factories & sugar mills (low temperature waste water)

CCI's A+ BioGas Upgrading plants produce

  • BioMethane by removing CO2 from BioGas

  • BioCNG (BioMethane @200 bar) as a BioFuel

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Highly Profitable Alternative to Power Production

CCI's BioGas Upgrading plants present a highly profitable alternative for agro-industrial producers who are

  • Energy independent or have a
  • Power tariff under USD 0.07/kWhe

BioGas Components: Biological filters | Waste water pumps

In addition to complete A+ BioGas Production & Upgrading plants CCI offers two key BioGas infrastructure components

  • BioGas Filter Systems

  • Waste water pumps

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Key Parts of the BioGas Infrastructure

CCI's BioGas filter systems remove harmful H2S & humidity from raw BioGas, protecting the highly valuable BioGas engines & Upgrading membranes. The 100% biological filter process, developed in the EU, uses no chemicals or fresh water.

Waster water pumps guarantee the continuous operation of the BioGas production plant. CCI's waste water pumps minimize maintenance times and OPEX.

Project Finance

ClimeCo International works with in-country, regional & international financing groups to co-finance its BioGas projects.

Exclusive Licenses

ClimeCo International has exclusive licenses to all of its key technologies for Latin America & the Caribbean.