As a service to our customers as well as the interested general public ClimeCo International offers internal & external publications in this section. Some of these publications may only be available in Spanish.

ClimeCo International Publications

Presentation at FEDEPALMA XVIII

POME Treatment - Waste to Resource

In 2015 Markus Althausen, CCI's co-founder & CEO, presented at FEDEPALMA's bi-annual conference in Cartagena (COL).

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White Paper in FEDEPALMA Journal

POME Treatment - Waste to Resource

FEDEPALMA's 2015 annual journal published a scientific White Paper by CCI about the conversion of palm oil mill effluent (POME) to BioGas.


External | Third Party Publications

Songkla University, Science Paper

Compost: EFB & POME BioGas Digestate

In a scientific study from 2011 researchers from Songkla University (Thailand) analyzed the value of compost from EFB & BioGas digestate.

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Malaysia Palm Oil Board, NKEA Report

BioGas Production Yields

The Malaysia Palm Oil Board recently published a report comparing different BioGas production technologies and their BioGas production yields.

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University of Colombia, Science Paper

Carbon Footprint of a Palm Oil Mill

In 2017 the National University of Colombia analyzed the GHG emissions from a large palm oil mill in Central Colombia.

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University of Brno, Science Paper

Compost & Soil Water Retention

In their 2011 science paper the University of Brno showed that the application of compost significantly increases the ability of soils to retain water.

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