ClimeCo International's core business is the in-house development, engineering & operations of BioGas projects in Latin America. In addition to its in-house projects CCI offers its extended engineering capabilities to project developers and owners as an independent consulting & advisory service.

Engineering & Design

In cooperation with its technology partners CCI offers engineering & design services in the following key topcis:

  • BioGas production plants
  • BioGas Upgrading plants
  • BioGas filter systems

To obtain more details about CCI's engineering & design services or to start a conversation about your next project please contact us.

Types of Services

CCI's engineering & design services include

  • Conceptual project designs
  • Detailed project engineering
  • Construction plans
  • Construction & quality management

In its role as an engineering advisor & consultant CCI applies the same rigorous quality and work ethic as in its own in-house projects. CCI always puts the interest of its clients first in order to deliver the best possible high-quality product.

For more details about CCI's types of service offerings please contact us here.