As an alternative to producing renewable energy and electrical power ClimeCo International offers the technology to convert Biogas to BioCNG, a renewable BioFuel that can be used in modified standard fuel engines and vehicles. In most projects BioCNG is around 50% more profitable than electrical power production.

Upgrading Biogas to BioMethane & BioCNG: up to 99% purity

ClimeCo International can convert BioGas to BioMethane (BioCH4) as well as Compressed Natural Gas/BioCNG.

Our proprietary membrane-based technology removes Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen (N) and trace gases from the raw BioGas to reach over 92% (single stage) or 99% (3-stage) pure methane (CH4). The resulting BioMethane is then compressed at 200 bars (2,900 psi) of pressure to less than 1% of its volume under standard atmospheric pressure. This compressed gas, called BioCNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is a widely used BioFuel, especially in captive fleets (e.g. taxis in Buenos Aires/Argentina or Bogota/Colombia).

The Membrane Revolution: No Chemicals | 8,500 FLH | 50% cost reduction

Traditional BioGas Upgrading systems (such as Pressure Swing Adsorption/PSA as well as amine/water scrubbing) used chemicals or large quantities of water to remove CO2 from BioGas. In the early 2000s advanced membrane technologies were developed in Europe. Since 2010, over 90% of new BioGas projects under 1,000 m3 per hour have chosen membrane technologies. The key advantages of membrane technologies are:

  • No chemical or water consumption
  • Minimum maintenance, more than 8,500 operating hours per year
  • 50% cost saving compared to PSA
Applications of BioCNG: vehicles, machinery & household

BioCNG is a standardized BioFuel that can be used in

  • Diesel trucks (Scania CNG), Pick-up trucks (Tata Xenon CNG) & passenger vehicles (most Volkswagen & several Toyota models)
  • Industrial (e.g. forklifts, front loaders, etc) & agricultural machinery (e.g. irrigation pumps)
  • Households (e.g. heating, cooking, etc.)
More Profitable than Electrical Power: 30% more profitable, 30% shorter project payback time

BioCNG replaces costly vehicle fuel instead of less costly electrical power. Diesel and fuel cost around USD 1 per liter in most regions of Latin America, while electrical power is often subsidized and costs less than USD 0.1/kWhe. As a consequence, BioCNG projects are typically 30% more profitable than electrical power projects and achieve 30% shorter simple project payback times.